Altair® Feko®

Solving Connectivity, Compatibility, and Radar Challenges 

Feko has been a leader in high-frequency electromagnetic simulation for over 20 years. Building on this strong legacy it now delivers a cost-effective package of parallelized solvers to design products for an increasing connected world.

Feko is used globally across multiple industries including aerospace, defense, automotive, communications and consumer electronics to reduce the time-to-market. Feko customers achieve improved connectivity and functionality through robust simulation driven product design and deployment strategies.

Feko addresses the broadest set of high-frequency electromagnetics applications allowing teams to optimize wireless connectivity, including 5G, ensure electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and perform radar cross section (RCS) and scattering analysis. From antenna simulation and placement, radio coverage, network planning, and spectrum management, to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC/EMI), radome modeling, bio-electromagnetics and RF devices, Feko combines with other Altair tools to optimize system performance through machine learning and reduce modeling time for complex systems.

Feko Overview Video

Why Feko?

Drive Design with Simulation

A comprehensive package of solvers with true hybridization for efficient design, analysis and optimization of connected products, electromagnetic compatibility compliance, and radar technologies

A Better User Experience

Simplified workflows from geometry modeling to results visualization, and scripting for advanced data manipulation, ensure Feko’s speed and accuracy is easy to apply.

Ongoing Expansion and Innovation

Ensure wireless connectivity, compatibility, and radar performance with advanced features including Altair® WRAP™ spectrum management, newFASANT radome modeling, and Altair® WinProp™ wireless coverage

Key Features

One Product, Multiple Solvers

No single numerical method can handle all applications. Feko includes many different solvers to cover all applications and for cross validation purposes


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True Solver Hybridization

A single solver might not be enough to solve a challenging problem. Feko provides industry leading hybridized solvers to efficiently analyze complex and electrically large problems

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Solver Accuracy and Performance

Extensive validation ensures accuracy, ongoing development of solver performance, parallel scaling of multi-CPU resources, and GPU-based solver acceleration provides computational efficiency

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More Specialized Solutions

Use the most advanced and reliable commercial CMA solver. Other specialized solutions include, cable modeling, collocation interference, ultrasonic systems, and virtual test drives and flights

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Complete Connectivity Workflow

Feko offers a unique workflow combining installed antenna performance with radio coverage and planning analysis applying fast and accurate wave propagation models

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Design Optimization with Machine Learning

Fast and intelligent optimization using design of experiments and machine learning for antenna design and placement applications

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